Product Name Description TDS
FLOORGUARD CLEAR SEALER# FLOORGUARD 230 A two component, epoxy polyamide sealer with excellent penetrating properties into porous surface.
FLOORGUARD EPOXY TOPCOAT# FLOORGUARD 460 A two pack chemical resistant topcoat based on polyamide cured epoxy resin for concrete floors. The fully cured film has good adhesion to concrete floors and good resistance to water. It has good flow and resistant to splash and spillage of mild chemicals and solvents. It has good abrasion and impact resistance and easy to clean.
FLOORGUARD GF REINFORCED EPOXY COATING# FLOORGUARD 5000 A two component , solvent free epoxy coating based on inorganic minerals reinforced with specially selected glass flake. Offers good chemical and abrasion resistance.
FLOORGUARD SF EPOXY SL COATING# FLOORGUARD 5001 A two component, modified flexible solvent free high build epoxy coating capable of being applied at D.F.T of 200 to 500 microns in one coat.
FLOORGUARD HB POLYURETHANE SG# FLOORGUARD PU 137 A high performance , two component , non yellowing isocyanate cured polyurethane with excellent gloss & colour retention. It has good chemical , abrasion and impact resistance.

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